OpenGL without X, yeah!

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Fri Apr 20 20:13:40 PDT 2007


The ZAS distro is a pretty cool live CD, I had much fun with it this  moring
afer  booting it on my old Dell laptop.  Thanks for your work.

Now the  bad news,   while running it my laptop  got very hot and
my battery life is very low.  Much worse that FC6.

On 4/20/07, ZeAtShuttle <zelco at> wrote:
>  hi,
> thanks,
> that is how i feel too, it took me 6 months of constant search of the
> internet to find it, or at least, a way to make somehow something like
> that... i couldnt have believed answer was right in front of me, so to say..
> big company, that helped unify graphic standards and invented VESA, had it
> all along, for the last 3-4 and more years and they released it GPL and
> LGPL... why no one is using it, i just dont understand!
> ."FlightSafety <> / gumstix<>", stuff
> like that is on my - *top 5 most interesting things to develop/develop for*
> ...i could jump up and down and around the room just with thought of
> flying a motion simulator, as a matter of fact id build one if i had money
> for hydraulics and space in a garage, i did however invest a lot of time to
> figure out how those systems work and how to implement simulator software...
> and cant -not to mention- this semi/amateur, now commercial project, very
> inspiring!
> not only because of the inventive and relatively cheap design of
> simulator, but also that old, old flight simulator "game" that i love - F/A-18
> Hornet that, if i recall correctly, had to do something with making of
> X-plane, might be the same guys actually
> there should be video of how it works, apparently,
> us airforce pilots go there and say its great, they can fly team against
> team ... / i belive some places military/civil have bought/implemented
> these, so pilots can play *team-work* frag-fest, much like kids on the net
> with Quake.. hehe
> what you make of it, can you estimate roughly the cost of one unit?
> $10,000? maybe 10 for $70,000? if so that would be nice little business,
> attraction in town, ARCADE games on a whole new level... just have enough of
> these '10-packs' installations around the world/city and plug it to
> internet.. that would make grown-ups go to arcades instead of bowling on
> a friday night..
> now, i always look for something bit different, and in this case,
> everything is already there - 3D STEREO...  / i'll just say that you can
> download F/A-18 Hornet (Korea) demo, for mac and win and you can play in
> 3D STEREO with shutter or red/blue glasses - ITS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!  that
> old, old game, without texturus (as it was in original) would work on myOS
> well above 60FPS on 1024x768x32 on all of my test computers and laptops with
> new and old ati/nvidia GPUs... even 3D stereo option too
> ..but i couldnt find anyone uses 3d stereo in flight simulators? as a
> matter of fact it would work on *flyaces* if they just turn it on, it
> works with tv-panels, but also with projections and maybe the best if you
> use shutter-glasses built into helmet.. has 3D stereo been tried in
> simulators world?
> >" Right now, I know how to code in OpenGL, but have no idea how to take
> an embedded command-line only distro of Linux and get some OpenGL code
> running on it.  Can you help me? "
> yes, as long as there is OpenGL driver for that hardware, it doesnt say on
> wiki, what exactly graphic chip is there?
> but for what i see, there is a high chance everything might work as it
> is... i bet 500 points that it works!
> if you can not plug CD there, i could make USB image of myOS or floppy
> image, or ROM image.. or whatever other image you like  ; -)
> dont hestitate to aks, if i can help more,
> im not sure tho if we shoud take conversation out of here or should we
> "'stay" so others to read?
> cheers,
> zelko
>  myOS - Miniature, Linux based OpenGL development system
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> *Subject:* OpenGL without X, yeah!
> Hey Zelco,
> I just finished devouring your page on running OpenGL apps in Linux
> without X, and am ecstatic!
> I have a couple of questions.  Well, actually, more than that, but we can
> start with two.
> First, a little background:  I want to run an app on a gumstix<>that will display terrain in 3D. Gumstix come pre-loaded with a
> small version of Linux <>, so my plan is
> to write the app in OpenGL.
> Gumstix are very powerful for their size and cost, but they do not have a
> graphics hardware accelerator, which means I need to be as light as
> possible.  Since the Linux image that comes pre-loaded is running only in
> shell (command line) mode, I started looking for tutorials on running OpenGL
> without X, and found your page.
> I am blown away by your screenshots by the way, you have some advanced
> OpenGL functionality going on.  But, since I am a new guy to Linux (I have
> been furiously reading a good book on it), I am not sure about what your
> code/solution does.  Could what you have help me?  Right now, I know how to
> code in OpenGL, but have no idea how to take an embedded command-line only
> distro of Linux and get some OpenGL code running on it.  Can you help me?
> This is by no means a bribe, but simply an offer to share something with
> you, as you have shared with the world on your page:  I work for
> FlightSafety <>, at our New York
> (Teterboro) training center.  If you are ever in the area, and would like to
> fly one of our full-motion jet simulators, it would be my pleasure.  We have
> the entire Dassault Falconjet family, so you could pick whatever suits you
> :).
> Sorry if I am sounding too giddy, but I had spent hours on the net today
> going from searching for single board computers, to understanding their OSs,
> to deciding how the app should be shaped to work within the desired systems
> limitations, to finally bumping into your page, and that has renewed my
> energy :)
> Thanks in advance,
> --
> Fabio Miguez
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