Khronos group, OpenGL ES/miniglx/EGL?

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thanks a lot, that sums it up..

i'll just comment on this then
>>can OpenGL ES  be used on PC, x86 platform? emulator maybe?
>Probably, but I see no good reason beyond emulation and possibly supporting very low end hardware

this is my reasoning,
in software, between two programs that produce the identical output when 'instructed' with identical input, i say, the smaller one is that much, if not many times that much "better" program and very often faster (which translates to -better- as well)

now, "better" can be defined in many ways, i dont wanna go there.. but i see it simple as this:

-if OpenGL ES is highly optimised for memory consumption and for speed so it has good performance on 'week' hardware with little video/texture memory... well, how fast will that than be on my fast desktop GPU with more memory than whole computers used to have just a few years ago? ..if ES is smaller foot-print or faster thats for me automatically better and what i want to use 

i guess, that only leaves the question if it can produce identical output.. now when i think about it, i see that my question maybe doesnt make sense in a way.. that is, it would all come down to DRIVER anyway, and if there is nothing "special" and different in ES specs in way how you 'handle' graphic pipeline than ES is nothing more than *subset* of OpenGL and you could use the same drivers you have now for your card... on the other hand, maybe ES specs define some better way to send/pack/unpack/draw/store primitives, more economical, faster? if so, is that optimisation specific to that mini-GPU hardware? or maybe it can be applied to desktop graphic cards as well.. which would, then also be, quite a bit, a matter of DRIVERS too, again... those crazy, crazy drivers..


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  On Tuesday 17 April 2007 18:25:58 ZeAtShuttle wrote:
  > hi,
  > anyone knows whats going on with that Khronos group, OpenGL ES and stuff..
  > im quite confused as when/why/how did that come to be, but more importantly
  > - do we have any use of it on Linux with desktop architectures..

  ES stands for Embedded Systems. This specification and Khronos came to be 
  because there was an emerging market for 3D applications on embedded devices 
  like mobile phones.  Especially the first version was rather minimal compared 
  to the full Open GL spec.

  > 1.) can OpenGL ES  be used on PC, x86 platform? emulator maybe?

  Probably, but I see no good reason beyond emulation and possibly supporting 
  very low end hardware.

  > 2.) is OpenGL ES just a specification or are there some drivers for some
  > hardware, some ATI mobilty chipsets maybe or whatever GPU so it can be used
  > on PC?

  There certainly are drivers out there, but not likely for any PC GPU's as 
  they're quite capable of driving the full OGL specification. Typical 
  producers of hardware using OGL ES would be ARM and Texas Instruments.

  Lars Ivar Igesund

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