Khronos group, OpenGL ES/miniglx/EGL?

Tapani Pälli tapani.palli at
Wed Apr 18 01:23:15 PDT 2007

ext ZeAtShuttle wrote:
> hi,
> anyone knows whats going on with that Khronos group, OpenGL ES and
> stuff.. im quite confused as when/why/how did that come to be, but
> more importantly - do we have any use of it on Linux with desktop
> architectures..
> 1.) can OpenGL ES  be used on PC, x86 platform? emulator maybe? 

if you want to experiment on opengl es, you might want to check : (opengles wrapper library
that makes calls to opengl)
This is a nice way to check if your program is 'opengl es' compatible.

> 2.) is OpenGL ES just a specification or are there some drivers for
> some hardware, some ATI mobilty chipsets maybe or whatever GPU so it
> can be used on PC?

Yep, most likely all the opengl es chip manufacturers provide a driver
aswell, I don't know any better than that though.

> 3.) as i understand it now, miniglx was to be replaced with EGL which
> is based on OpenGL ES? both, miniglx and EGL not seem to be active...
> so, are there any other projects going this, minimalist, way?
> thanks,
> zelko
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