Khronos group, OpenGL ES/miniglx/EGL?

Lars Ivar Igesund larsivar at
Tue Apr 17 10:51:41 PDT 2007

On Tuesday 17 April 2007 18:25:58 ZeAtShuttle wrote:
> hi,
> anyone knows whats going on with that Khronos group, OpenGL ES and stuff..
> im quite confused as when/why/how did that come to be, but more importantly
> - do we have any use of it on Linux with desktop architectures..

ES stands for Embedded Systems. This specification and Khronos came to be 
because there was an emerging market for 3D applications on embedded devices 
like mobile phones.  Especially the first version was rather minimal compared 
to the full Open GL spec.

> 1.) can OpenGL ES  be used on PC, x86 platform? emulator maybe?

Probably, but I see no good reason beyond emulation and possibly supporting 
very low end hardware.

> 2.) is OpenGL ES just a specification or are there some drivers for some
> hardware, some ATI mobilty chipsets maybe or whatever GPU so it can be used
> on PC?

There certainly are drivers out there, but not likely for any PC GPU's as 
they're quite capable of driving the full OGL specification. Typical 
producers of hardware using OGL ES would be ARM and Texas Instruments.

Lars Ivar Igesund

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