Khronos group, OpenGL ES/miniglx/EGL?

ZeAtShuttle zelco at
Tue Apr 17 09:25:58 PDT 2007


anyone knows whats going on with that Khronos group, OpenGL ES and stuff.. im quite confused as when/why/how did that come to be, but more importantly - do we have any use of it on Linux with desktop architectures..

1.) can OpenGL ES  be used on PC, x86 platform? emulator maybe? 

2.) is OpenGL ES just a specification or are there some drivers for some hardware, some ATI mobilty chipsets maybe or whatever GPU so it can be used on PC? 

3.) as i understand it now, miniglx was to be replaced with EGL which is based on OpenGL ES? both, miniglx and EGL not seem to be active... so, are there any other projects going this, minimalist, way?


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