2 yo hp monitor, old dell, no video

Felix Miata mrmazda at earthlink.net
Sat Aug 20 01:35:34 UTC 2022

gene heskett composed on 2022-08-16 19:08 (UTC-0400):

> I bought two of these monitors around 20 months back when they were on 
> sale at Staples. This one works great
> on a newer ASUS mb & debian bullseye. 1920x1080, no xorg.conf.

> The 6 or 8 yo AOC 1366x768 I've been using on an older dell OptiPlex 
> 7010DT to drive my 3d printers
> went black today so I unpacked the other monitor.

> This dell has a db15 output with an hdmi plug on the other end of the 
> cable. Its menu's work, but it
> can't find a signal.

> Does this dells video need a special driver to hit it with a 1920x1080 
> signal.
> Xorg.0.log from the Dell attached.

No special driver is available or required AFAIK.

I've never known an analog 15-pin VGA PC output to be able to communicate fully
with a display via a display's HDMI input. I suppose there may be some sort of
non-passive way to do this, but the VGA to HDMI cable you have probably isn't any
such thing. Digital output to analog input /is/ typically possible with an
inexpensive passive adapter or adapter cable.

Optiplexes usually have also a DisplayPort output. They can be used with a passive
adapter to connect to a display's HDMI or DVI port.
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