2 yo hp monitor, old dell, no video

gene heskett gheskett at shentel.net
Sat Aug 20 02:19:25 UTC 2022

On 8/19/22 21:38, Felix Miata wrote:
> gene heskett composed on 2022-08-16 19:08 (UTC-0400):
>> I bought two of these monitors around 20 months back when they were on
>> sale at Staples. This one works great
>> on a newer ASUS mb & debian bullseye. 1920x1080, no xorg.conf.
>> The 6 or 8 yo AOC 1366x768 I've been using on an older dell OptiPlex
>> 7010DT to drive my 3d printers
>> went black today so I unpacked the other monitor.
>> This dell has a db15 output with an hdmi plug on the other end of the
>> cable. Its menu's work, but it
>> can't find a signal.
>> Does this dells video need a special driver to hit it with a 1920x1080
>> signal.
>> Xorg.0.log from the Dell attached.
> No special driver is available or required AFAIK.
> I've never known an analog 15-pin VGA PC output to be able to communicate fully
> with a display via a display's HDMI input. I suppose there may be some sort of
> non-passive way to do this, but the VGA to HDMI cable you have probably isn't any
> such thing. Digital output to analog input /is/ typically possible with an
> inexpensive passive adapter or adapter cable.
> Optiplexes usually have also a DisplayPort output. They can be used with a passive
> adapter to connect to a display's HDMI or DVI port.

Describe a "display port" socket, please, Felix.  If you've the time.

This db15 to hdmi cable had been working quite normally for about 2 
years, but the monitor
was not plugged into  the ups the Dell was, and we had some noisy 
weather in the night
Tuesday night, no video the next morning. I live alone now, and I did 
not get up in the night to
move any cables.

Now I have a rock64, 4GB V2, running octoprint, better display than that 
AOC was by far.
And its all plugged into the same ups now.

However, that means cura has to run on this machine to generate the 
gcode octoprint feeds
the printers with. But cura can't see a dotted directory, so there's a 
third step between my ideas
in OpenSCAD, and getting the code into octoprints input buffer.

The dells SSD should be pulled, a startech usb3 to sata adapter added 
and put on the rock64
for a work disk. The 64GB pnc its booting from now is not noted for 
either speed or longevity.

Thank you, Felix,  take care and stay well please.

Cheers, Gene Heskett.
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