Lost sliding windows w/ DVI Syncmaster monitor

Paul Rogers paulgrogers at fastmail.fm
Thu Apr 2 07:16:13 UTC 2020

> Rather than a configuration of the type you're familiar with, I'll bet
> the newer way will work, if not with your custom installed system, at
> least with a common recent live media distro as a means of proving.

1) One of the reasons I've been making and running, ahem, Paul's Own Distro(s) since 2004 is I never trusted that other junky system that never could provide a secure, dependable computing platform.  With this system I know what my attack surface is, the first step.  I don't run any other distros--not even "LIVE" ones, unless I open the case and pull the plug on the HD.

2) Even if it works, so what?  I won't run it.  I've got 16 years of creating the environment I'm comfortable with.  This is my system.  Patch it, of course.  Maybe upgrade a package, if it fits comfortably I do if needed.  Rebuild all of X, and everything here it's going to complain isn't to its liking?  Not POSSIBLE.  Not don't want to, not possible.

3) These two versions, 32-bit & 64-bit, are "it" for me.  I'm going on 76, began programming in 1966 on a computer dumber than your watch.  I can't rebuild POD again, my mental acuity is failing, as it generally does at my age.  And I'm likewise too old to learn a new distro's way of doing things.

I'm willing to accept it's a bug in this server on DVI monitors.  What I really need is a patch that would work with 1.18.4, or a very near version of the server that has the same dependencies.  That's just about doable, on my best days.

> Start by eliminating 20-vesa.conf, 40-samsung.conf and 90-screen.conf
> from xorg.conf.d/. Let X startup in the Samsung's native 1280x1024
> mode using the default "modesetting" DDX. Then try as follows:

Step 1, rebuild kernel.  Would you be surprized that if I use the VESA driver, I'm not using framebuffers?  I can't read that small!  Nothing I do would benefit from framebuffers.  I'd grumble loudly if I had to for panning!

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