Lost sliding windows w/ DVI Syncmaster monitor

Paul Rogers paulgrogers at fastmail.fm
Thu Apr 2 16:09:47 UTC 2020

> I'm not familiar with the vesa or nouveau drivers and whether or not
> they support panning.  One thing you could try however is to

VESA has been panning all along with my VGA monitors.

> temporarily disable your xorg configs and enable panning dynamically
> at runtime using xrandr just to see if you can get it working with
> your hardware combination.  You'll need to use a real driver rather
> than vesa since vesa can't resize the desktop dynamically at runtime.

I beg to differ.  KP+ & KP- do work with the VESA driver on my VGA monitors, and this server.  It's one of my main reasons for using VESA--a key press is so much faster and easier than xrandr.  My xorg.conf with this system specifies VESA still, and it resizes with the keypad now.

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