Virtual1 output in xrandr

Greg Luto greg.luto at
Thu Jun 1 23:00:19 UTC 2017

Hey all,

I was going to pick up development on a small project of mine again ( But I ran into a blocking
issue... when I tried to get virtual outputs to show up, they don't anymore.

About a year ago they would automatically populate on Ubuntu (trying to get
it to work cross-distro in general though). But as of a an upgrade about 4
months back or so (maybe further), they no longer appear in the list. Any
way I can enable them?

Essentially I would like more information on
and how I could set them up to run on any recent-ish xorg.

Any help, even vague pointers in the right direction would help. I am
utterly lost at the moment (unfortunately my duckduckgo/google fu are
failing me).

Greg Luto
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