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                            Patch #328 - 2017/06/01

     * revise parser for charClass resource, making these improvements:
          + accept octal and hexadecimal values
          + allow embedded whitespace
          + allow  the  class  after  colon to be optional, e.g., to clear
            class settings for a range of characters.
     * add command-line option -report-charclass.
     * fix most lintian warnings about test-package
     * add eraseSavedLines resource.
     * document DECSED 3 in (report by Ben Longmans).
     * improve   integration  between  configure-events  and  updates  for
       reported screensize, in particular when switching between vt100 and
       tek4014 modes.
     * modify  selection-highlighting  of  reverse-video text to keep that
       distinct,   e.g.,   by   reversing  the  selection  foreground  and
       background  colors as one would expect. This fixes a "useless" case
       in the description of highlightColorMode.
     * improve fix for Debian #759734, addressing a case where non-colored
       cursor would be invisible against reverse-video (see patch #311).
     * updates for ReGIS (Ross Combs):
          + the  "H"  option of the "T" command should multiply by 10, not
          + display unknown glyphs as a solid block.
          + given a succession of text-direction options, use the last.
          + fix  the  direction  of  ReGIS  slanted  text so that negative
            values produce oblique output .
          + fix  the ReGIS text direction option to only rotate characters
            when no following size option is used.
     * update  terminfo  to better match corresponding entries in ncurses,
       e.g.,   u8  pattern  to  match  the  VT220,  VT420,  etc.,  primary
       responses, as well as adding smxx and rmxx.
     * fixes from Jörg Sommer:
          + corrected  a trace-message regarding maximum graphics-size; it
            used  the  similar  ReGIS  maximum  size  which  might  not be
          + in  do_select_regex,  clear selection if there is no match. If
            the  regex  does  not  match  anything  around the cursor, the
            selection  returned must be empty, otherwise the whole line is
            treated   as   a  match.  This  way  the  command  defined  by
            exec-selectable will not be executed if there is no match.
          + modify  limit  in  do_select_regex to include the character at
            the  cursor  in  the match, making it easier to type something
            and then hit the key to trigger exec-selectable.
          + If exec-selectable or insert-selection is triggered by a mouse
            button  click,  the  position  of  the mouse pointer should be
            used.  This  makes  it  easier  to address any position on the
            window  and  it  makes it possible to use the mouse, e.g., for
            applications such as mutt where you cannot move the cursor.
     * modify  DECRC  to  save/restore  xterm's  last-column  flag used to
       control   wrapping   behavior   rather   than  manipulating  DECAWM
       (report/analysis by Mattias Engdegård).
     * add  configure option --enable-terminfo-env to use the value set by
       --with-own-terminfo  for  the  $TERMINFO environment variable. That
       variable  was  set  automatically  for HPUX, but would be useful in
       other systems, e.g., for Solaris (request by Jeff Wieland).
     * fix a race condition when setting up a signal handler to timeout if
       opening /dev/tty hangs (patch by Tobias Stoeckmann).
     * review/cleanup  resources which were not in the manual page (report
       by Maxwell Anselm):
          + add manual page description as needed.
          + drop resource name for menuBar, as unnecessary.
          + modify  fallback numeric value for regisScreenSize resource to
            match that for maxGraphicSize.
     * updated    configure    macros    CF_ADD_CFLAGS,   CF_CC_ENV_FLAGS,
       CF_GNU_SOURCE,   CF_MATH_LIB,   and   CF_XOPEN_SOURCE   from  other
     * update config.guess, config.sub
     * change  “maximum screensize” assumed by resize to 9999x9999, to
       accommodate people using the Unreadable font.
     * drop  Utility from default value of --with-desktop-category (Debian
     * widen  the  configure  script  pattern  used  for  finding  related
       ".desktop" files, including “Terminal”
     * several minor improvements to font utility functions:
          + provide  for  later  modification  to  implement  font-sets by
            parsing the font resources as comma-separated lists.
          + parse -fn and -fa similarly, using “x:” and “xft:” prefixes
            for  font  name/family strings to distinguish between XLFD and
            Xft font specifications.
          + use loops to iterate over font classes
          + use  getters/setters  for  font  data  to  allow for on-demand
          + make  the debugging trace for missing glyph less verbose since
            that interferes with the -report-fonts option.
          + refactor  xtermLoadFont  to make it clearer how some fonts are
            derived from others, e.g., bold, wide.
          + make  the  triggering  and  suppressing  of font-warnings more
            consistent by storing the last state in the widget.
          + reduce font-warnings by checking for repeated warnings.
     * add vttests/
     * add vttests/closest-rgb
     * add  special  case for displaying soft-hyphen if it happens to fall
       at  the  right  margin,  and omitting similar case such as the BIDI
       markers,   where  a  zero-width  character  is  neither  a  control
       character nor a combining character (Debian #844325).
     * modify  logic  for OSC 52, manipulate selection data, to update the
       selection-time  to  include  the  latest  X events. This fixes some
       cases  where the selection was invalid, e.g., after an event due to
       focus-follows-mouse (report/testcase by Stephane Chauveau).
     * revise  macro  CastMallocN  as new macro TextAlloc to make explicit
       use of sizeof(char) (prompted by patch by Cade Foster).
     * add “Mouse Ops” menu entry and related resources to allow runtime
       disabling/enabling   of   the   mouse   protocol  escape  sequences
       (discussion with Bob Proulx).
     * improve  discussion  of mouse actions versus protocol in the manual
       (discussion with Bob Proulx).
     * improve discussion of environment variables in the manual, pointing
       out  where  some  features (such as termcap and the System5 COLUMNS
       and  LINES  variables)  are  used  rarely, mainly to support legacy
     * add  examples  of  translations  resource for select/paste, and for
       font-size changes to the manual.
     * minor  reordering  of  some  entries  in for consistency
       (report by Arran Ubels).
     * add  -s  option  to and, to demonstrate
       modifying the “system” colors 0–15.
     * omit  XFT_SPACING  property  from  call to XftPatternBuild, to work
       around  a  bug  in  fontconfig  for handling Google Go fonts, whose
       names  sort  in  an  order  not expected by fontconfig, causing the
       request for a monospaced font to return italics, e.g.,

$ fc-match 'Go Mono:spacing=monospace'
Go-Mono-Italic.ttf: "Go Mono" "Italic"
(report by Giacomo Boffi on Stackoverflow).

     * modify to improve a workaround added to the manual page
       in  patch #182 to avoid having the C preprocessor used in the imake
       configuration  strip  out  the  comments  in  the character classes
       section (reports by Ted Unangst, Anthony J Bentley).

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