xserver-xorg.synaptics question

Thomas L├╝bking thomas.luebking at gmail.com
Tue Apr 28 07:39:04 PDT 2015

On Dienstag, 28. April 2015 12:47:21 CEST, Gene Heskett wrote:

> Can you kind folks recommend a distribution with a lightweight gui that 
> actually works?, or do I have to open this 12 year old puny powered 
> lappy up and physically disconnect the touchpad?

I missed most of the thread and dunno why Mint nukes config paths, but you can probably use synclient to adjust the touchpad at runtime (in doubt from some login script)

synclient FingerLow=35
synclient FingerHigh=40

play with the values until it's nice for you. Keep Low below High.

There's also
synclient PalmDetect=1

for the clumsy among us =)


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