[Mesa-dev] Interested in contributing to WGL support in Waffle Project, for GSoC 2014

Vidudaya Bandara vnbandara at gmail.com
Tue Mar 11 22:25:31 PDT 2014

Hi Chad,

Thank you for your very detailed description about the project Idea.
It Increases my Interest  about this Idea.

First of all I thought the mentor is Jordan Justen (As the Idea page says).
If he is not please tell me how should I get a mentor to this project.

As it says I think I have to work with windows environment (I'm very much
familiar with windows and most of my work done in windows environment) . So
it wont be a bigger challenge to me.

*So first of all I think I should have a mentor. Can you please help me
with that.*

And of course although you are not familiar with programming in a Windows
environment.  If you can guide me through this, to get a basic
understanding about X.org and Waffle and WGL to enter to the project it
will be very much helpful.
Please give me some resources, reading materials , tutorials ... anything.

By the way I don't know without a mentor it is useful or not. But I would
like to give a try.

Thanks and best regards,

On Wed, Mar 12, 2014 at 4:26 AM, Chad Versace
<chad.versace at linux.intel.com>wrote:

> Vidudaya,
> I have some comments on Jordan's list of subgoals.
>     1. Waffle's examples/gl_basic.c
>        gl_basic is a little toy program that developers can use to test
>        Waffle when adding support for new platforms, such as WGL.  If
>        you can get gl_basic to work on WGL, then that will prove that
>        Waffle (mostly) supports WGL.
>        Even after gl_basic begins working for a new platform, there will
>        remain some bugs and unimplemented corner cases for that
>        platform. But, gl_basic is the right place to start when working
>        on WGL.
>     2. Waffle's src/utils/wflinfo.c
>        wflinfo is a little tool that works like glxinfo. It prints
>        information about the system's GL implementation, such as the
>        system's OpenGL version and available extensions. It works for
>        OpenGL Core contexts, OpenGL Compatibility contexts, and OpenGL
>        ES contexts.
>     3. piglit test suite running tests on Windows using waffle
>        This is the real reason why I want Waffle to support WGL. If
>        Waffle supported WGL, then Piglit could use a single
>        platform-abstraction layer for every window system and operating
>        system. Currently, Piglit uses GLUT as the platform-abstraction
>        layer for Windows and Mac; and uses Waffle for Linux and Android.
>        (Yes, some people have private forks of Piglit that run on
>        Android).
>     4. Package binary waffle for windows
>        This is a nice-to-have. Today, there exist official Waffle packages
> for
>        Gentoo, Chromium OS, and Linux. And Jordan is working on a Debian
>        package. And I have a MacPorts package that I intend to add to
>        the official MacPorts repository.
> If you accomplished the first two subgoals, then I would consider your
> summer of code project a success. Then others could build on top of your
> work to finish #3. If you also accomplish #3, then it would be an
> astounding success.
> -Chad
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