[Mesa-dev] Interested in contributing to WGL support in Waffle Project, for GSoC 2014

Chad Versace chad.versace at linux.intel.com
Tue Mar 11 15:56:42 PDT 2014


I have some comments on Jordan's list of subgoals.

    1. Waffle's examples/gl_basic.c

       gl_basic is a little toy program that developers can use to test
       Waffle when adding support for new platforms, such as WGL.  If
       you can get gl_basic to work on WGL, then that will prove that
       Waffle (mostly) supports WGL.

       Even after gl_basic begins working for a new platform, there will
       remain some bugs and unimplemented corner cases for that
       platform. But, gl_basic is the right place to start when working
       on WGL.

    2. Waffle's src/utils/wflinfo.c
       wflinfo is a little tool that works like glxinfo. It prints
       information about the system's GL implementation, such as the
       system's OpenGL version and available extensions. It works for
       OpenGL Core contexts, OpenGL Compatibility contexts, and OpenGL
       ES contexts.

    3. piglit test suite running tests on Windows using waffle

       This is the real reason why I want Waffle to support WGL. If
       Waffle supported WGL, then Piglit could use a single
       platform-abstraction layer for every window system and operating
       system. Currently, Piglit uses GLUT as the platform-abstraction
       layer for Windows and Mac; and uses Waffle for Linux and Android.
       (Yes, some people have private forks of Piglit that run on

    4. Package binary waffle for windows

       This is a nice-to-have. Today, there exist official Waffle packages for
       Gentoo, Chromium OS, and Linux. And Jordan is working on a Debian
       package. And I have a MacPorts package that I intend to add to
       the official MacPorts repository.

If you accomplished the first two subgoals, then I would consider your
summer of code project a success. Then others could build on top of your
work to finish #3. If you also accomplish #3, then it would be an
astounding success.


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