Problem whith apple french keyboard

Aurélien DESBRIÈRES aurelien at
Mon Oct 14 07:28:04 PDT 2013

Patrick Begou <Patrick.Begou at> writes:

> I've posted this question on CentOS forum several days ago but did not
> get any solution.
> I've installed a fresh CentOS on a PC with a french apple keyboard (it
> was runing previously with an old OpenSUSE out of the box).
> Xorg cannot recognize the apple keyboard. I get these messages in
> .xsession-error when trying to setup this keyboard in place of a
> standard french PC keyboard:
>> Error:            No Symbols named "latin9" in the include file
>> "macintosh_vndr/fr"
>>                    Exiting
>>                    Abandoning symbols file "(null)"
>> ** (gnome-settings-daemon:8160): WARNING **: Could not activate the
>> XKB configuration
> The file /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/macintosh_vndr/fr is part of
> xkeyboard-config-2.6-6.el6.noarch but I've no idea how to solve this
> problem. And I've several PC with apple keyboard to setup with CentOS.
> Thanks for your suggestions
> Patrick

have you tried 

sudo setxkbmap "fr(oss)","fr(oss_latin9)"


XkbKeymap   "xfree86(fr)"


setxkbmap fr

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