Xft - problem with XftFontOpenName and XftFontOpen functions.

walter harms wharms at bfs.de
Mon Feb 20 01:51:32 PST 2012

Am 19.02.2012 22:51, schrieb James Cloos:
>>>>>> "JF" == John Found <johnfound at evrocom.net> writes:
> JF> I am trying to use Xft but stuck with following problem - when I
> JF> open font with XftFontOpenName and XftFontOpen functions, I can't
> JF> switch antialias and hinting properties.  For example, opening font
> JF> with name:
> JF> "FreeMono:pixelsize=16:weight=bold:antialias=false:rgba=0:slant=italic",
> JF> creates a font with proper typeface, size, weight and slant, but
> JF> antialiased.  The other group of properties that are not settable
> JF> are the hinting properties.
> I suspect that this is not an Xft issue but rather a fontconfig issue,
> Recent reports have states that some setting loaded via /etc/fonts/
> fonts.conf cannot be overridden, whereas others can.
> Try pointing at an application-specific master fonts.conf which has
> minimal content.  If that works, you can add additional settings to
> that fonts.conf to determine what Xft can override and what it cannot.

if this is the case the problem should be traceable with "strace".
The ability to change certain properties and other not implies
that there is bug lurking. Maybe other code can circumvent the problem
but that is certainly not the way to go.


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