[ANNOUNCE] xorg-gtest 0.1.0

Chase Douglas chase.douglas at canonical.com
Tue Feb 14 16:37:38 PST 2012

Hash: SHA1

Chase Douglas (59):
      Rename to xorg-gtest, move some files around, make some fixes
      Remove unnecessary c++0x std flag
      Init gtest before checking for special args so --help works properly
      Remove autoconf check for C compiler since we only use C++
      Remove unused gcov support
      Add pkg-config file
      Remove unused fixture.h
      Rename testing::xorg to xorg::testing
      Use installed dummy.conf location
      Make Environment::Private a POD struct
      Remove dead code in Environment
      Re-enable X server startup timeout
      Switch Process::Private to a POD struct
      Fix Process::Start() and switch to using exceptions
      Rename Process::pid() to Process::Pid() to follow naming conventions
      Remove Process::Wait()
      Throw exception if child process tries to kill itself
      Let setenv() and getenv() do error handling, and throw exception if they
      Don't fail the tests if the X server refuses to die
      Cleanup unnecessary braces in if .. else blocks in Environment::SetUp()
      Fix comment in environment.h
      Reorder Process copy constructor declarations
      Add server executable path option so one can test different servers
      Add xorg::testing::Test base test fixture
      Fix a couple usages of C++ line comments
      In Environment::SetUp, pass std::string into Process::Start
      Add newlines to end of Environment::TearDown() error messages
      Use std::auto_ptr for pimpls
      Remove obsolete Process::SetEnvBehavior enum
      Use C++ headers, such as cstring, instead of C-compatibility headers
      Use std::auto_ptr for Test pimpl too
      Use std::vector to store process arguments passed to execvp
      Remove strdup from argument parsing in Process::Start()
      Add initializer for Environment::Private struct since it is not a POD
      Throw runtime_error if Test::SetUp fails to open connection to server
      Make gtest a requirement for successful configuration
      Remove unnecessary HAVE_GTEST conditional in configure.ac
      Move check result test to configure.ac and use standard variables
      Link against pthread when checking for gtest library
      Use AC_LANG_PUSH(C++)/AC_LANG_POP so as not to contaminate configure.ac
      Remove license header from example
      Include examples directory when scanning for documented sources
      Don't link gtest when creating library
      Remove leftover geistest doc line in doc/Makefile.am
      Only install documentation if it was created
      Don't install Doxyfile
      Move SetUp and TearDown methods to protected sections
      Make Process::GetEnv and SetEnv static methods
      Use Process::SetEnv() in Environment::SetUp()
      Use gtest lib path when checking for gtest library
      Fix gtest cpp flags
      Start the so library version at 0.0.0
      Install man pages too
      Rename xorg_gtest_example to xorg-gtest-example
      Use "make doc" to build all documentation
      And by default point to a location that doesn't require root privileges to be used.
      Add defines.h to the list of source files
      Ship conf files
      Add symbol version scripts

Daniel d'Andrada (1):
      Make Environment API property-based.

Jussi Pakkanen (1):
      Fix build system.

Thomas Voß (11):
      init checkin.
      ADDED: Simple and lightweight class to abstract process handling.
      Added doxygen documentation for public interface classes.
      Fixed whitespace issue.
      Referenced manpage of execvp in documentation.
      Prevent from linking Test in Google Test. Set HIDE_SCOPE_NAMES to NO.
      Adjusted documentation according to review. Switched to std::string for environment query/adjustment in Process.
      Modified Process::Terminate and Process::Kill to reset process identifier. Adjusted documentation.
      Fixed typo in test.h.
      Adjusted signature of Process::GetEnv. Adjusted documentation.
      Introduced examples. Added virtual d'tors to xorg::testing::Environment and xorg::testing::Test.

git tag: xorg-gtest-0.1.0

MD5:  74f74cc1ada53d7cd25a3784bd99b399  xorg-gtest-0.1.0.tar.bz2
SHA1: f5e6caa6764657b629e90a35005f8e00fb2b5817  xorg-gtest-0.1.0.tar.bz2
SHA256: 6a916ddccf4c202771dd9d200cc4bfc1c2ed5580ac6166a8ee74f64025a8f0d5  xorg-gtest-0.1.0.tar.bz2

MD5:  b06c7f00fcdb651b15eab9903df39a0c  xorg-gtest-0.1.0.tar.gz
SHA1: c2679874b6b2a5ffdd0e5de99811b2012f559ee2  xorg-gtest-0.1.0.tar.gz
SHA256: 4243f476453dbdbbd8eb5d3704fc0e8be79e867c9db8b7d44b4392f24498b8b7  xorg-gtest-0.1.0.tar.gz

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