Xft - problem with XftFontOpenName and XftFontOpen functions.

James Cloos cloos at jhcloos.com
Sun Feb 19 13:51:10 PST 2012

>>>>> "JF" == John Found <johnfound at evrocom.net> writes:

JF> I am trying to use Xft but stuck with following problem - when I
JF> open font with XftFontOpenName and XftFontOpen functions, I can't
JF> switch antialias and hinting properties.  For example, opening font
JF> with name:
JF> "FreeMono:pixelsize=16:weight=bold:antialias=false:rgba=0:slant=italic",
JF> creates a font with proper typeface, size, weight and slant, but
JF> antialiased.  The other group of properties that are not settable
JF> are the hinting properties.

I suspect that this is not an Xft issue but rather a fontconfig issue,

Recent reports have states that some setting loaded via /etc/fonts/
fonts.conf cannot be overridden, whereas others can.

Try pointing at an application-specific master fonts.conf which has
minimal content.  If that works, you can add additional settings to
that fonts.conf to determine what Xft can override and what it cannot.

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