[ANNOUNCE] libXxf86dga

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Sun Sep 20 17:31:07 PDT 2009

One minor fix that goes together with xf86dgaproto-
A new header file is now provided by this library: Xxf86dga.h. This header
file confirms with the general naming rules for X lib header files. New
clients are encouraged to use this header file instead of the old xf86dga.h.

This release requires xf86dgaproto >=

Carl Worth (1):
      Rename xf86dga.h to Xxf86dga.h

Peter Hutterer (1):
      Bump to

git tag: libXxf86dga-

MD5: ca6405a5cf7de14211ff743b9a25370e  libXxf86dga-
SHA1: 27a664cb7422229ddde014d66da16401c1b96fc7  libXxf86dga-

MD5: ef5b6636304ea0a8d30994099e4ba748  libXxf86dga-
SHA1: 627f50d10e48e3442b39462fac942623f58003d2  libXxf86dga-
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