[ANNOUNCE] intel-gpu-tools 1.0.2

Eric Anholt eric at anholt.net
Mon Sep 21 15:07:51 PDT 2009

Arjan van de Ven (1):
      intel_gpu_top:print a visual clue on how big a certain use is

Ben Gamari (5):
      Add register writing tool
      add realloc bits to URB_FENCE decoding
      Fix gs_fence output in URB_FENCE output
      Add CONSTANT_BUFFER decoding
      Add CS_USB_STATE decoding

Carl Worth (2):
      Fix error message for case of kernel prior to 2.6.30
      Print unmatched opcode value for all 3D UNKNOWN messages

Chris Wilson (2):
      Add gem_fence_thrash test
      dump: Minor typo

Eric Anholt (18):
      intel_gpu_top: Print GPU clock information, which seems interesting.
      Make the precentage bars fit in 80 columns.
      Add the acthd to the GPU dump.
      Correctly flag the acthd when it points within a packet.
      Add more 965 INSTDONE bits.
      Oops, fix up printed hw offset since the HEAD pointer fixup
      intel_gpu_dump: Add details on URB_FENCE.
      intel_gpu_dump: Use the correct IPEHR on pre-965.
      intel_gpu_top: Move instdone bit definitions to lib to share with _dump.
      intel_gpu_dump: Add instdone register values and decoding.
      .gitignore: catch up to intel_reg_write addition
      Add a manpage for intel_reg_write
      intel_gpu_dump: Fix decode for LOAD_STATE_IMMEDIATE_1 with S8 set.
      Add INSTDONE bits for 830-865.
      intel_gpu_dump: Add IPEIR and PGTBL_ER to output.
      intel_gpu_dump: Parse LOAD_STATE_IMMEDIATE_2 for 830.
      intel_gpu_dump: Don't pretend we understand vertex formats on 8xx.
      Bump to 1.0.2 for release.

Jesse Barnes (1):
      Four new tests for error handling

Robert Bragg (4):
      Revert "intel_gpu_top:print a visual clue on how big a certain use is"
      Increases the sample frequency from 100/sec to 10,000/sec
      Adds unicode bars for quickly visualizing the busy percentages
      A pedantic addition of a format string to a printf call

Xiang, Haihao (3):
      Fix the length of CONSTANT_BUFFER
      CS FENCE in URB_FENCE is 11-bits wide
      Add support for new chips

git tag: 1.0.2

MD5: 52e33b6895cfe8b6c3e8dac79e8c05e8  intel-gpu-tools-1.0.2.tar.bz2
SHA1: 8f6b5ddc1d74892797c28b39e47fe308c3ccecb8

MD5: 81e4de7fc11cea3559a4bcc064f70d40  intel-gpu-tools-1.0.2.tar.gz
SHA1: a9db75765c513ca1cdbc6080ddabf369a84431bb

Eric Anholt
eric at anholt.net                         eric.anholt at intel.com

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