[ANNOUNCE] xf86dgaproto

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Sun Sep 20 17:16:14 PDT 2009

One minor fix to provide better backwards compatibility for older servers.
The xf86dga.h header file has been re-added to this module with a
compatibility hack for older servers.

This re-added header file conflicts with that present in libXxf86dga Users upgrading to this release will need to upgrade
libXxf86dga as well.

Carl Worth (2):
      Add back xf86dga.h (simply including the newly named xf86dgaconst.h)
      Change xf86dga.h to only conditionally include server's header file.

git tag: xf86dgaproto-

MD5: 760c1e3489388c41c630716358cc11bb  xf86dgaproto-
SHA1: c817829e62123bfddef017ea3726fd3e048a7582  xf86dgaproto-

MD5: 60cdb40ac26a3ec4ecc07e2dfd9ecc9d  xf86dgaproto-
SHA1: 386d0848863b462b8ad177780e3383c9e85730ba  xf86dgaproto-
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