Joystick input driver and multimedia key events

Zarko Zivanov zzarko at
Wed May 20 21:30:38 PDT 2009

Is it possible to use joystick driver to generate multimedia key
events? I wanted to make i.e. buttons 1 and 3 to be volume up and
volume down like this:

        Option "MapButton1"        "key=0x1008,0xff13"
        Option "MapButton3"        "key=0x1008,0xff11"

I got codes 0x1008ff13 and 0x1008ff11 from xev (I didn't found
appropriate constants in /usr/include/X11/keysymdef.h). I tried to put
32-bit numbers, but I got error about this, so i tried the above, but
got nothing. If my approach is wrong, how could I get multimedia key
actions to work with joystick driver?

I'm using Ubuntu 9.04, joystick driver 1.4.0 and XOrg 7.4. I'm
successfully using joystick driver to emulate mouse.

Best regards,

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