Joystick input driver and multimedia key events

Sascha Hlusiak saschahlusiak at
Thu May 21 02:59:38 PDT 2009


> Is it possible to use joystick driver to generate multimedia key
> events? I wanted to make i.e. buttons 1 and 3 to be volume up and
> volume down like this:
>         Option "MapButton1"        "key=0x1008,0xff13"
>         Option "MapButton3"        "key=0x1008,0xff11"
> I got codes 0x1008ff13 and 0x1008ff11 from xev (I didn't found
> appropriate constants in /usr/include/X11/keysymdef.h). I tried to put
> 32-bit numbers, but I got error about this, so i tried the above, but
> got nothing. If my approach is wrong, how could I get multimedia key
> actions to work with joystick driver?
configuring key=0x1008ff13 worked for me and produced the desired key. xev 
shows the name as well so it's easy to check.

While it is possible to generate those key events, there is a fundamental 
problem with grabs on those keys. Basically, applications grab on scancodes of 
a certain input device. Pressing a button on the joystick changes the primary 
device and the key has to be regrabbed. But of course the first keystroke is 
lost. For me the above configuration did raise the volume, but on the 2nd 
button press only.
This problem exists with other input devices and grabs as well and is not a 
joystick driver specific problem. 

- Sascha

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