Ximage's byte_order field

Jim Gettys jg at freedesktop.org
Wed Feb 25 10:46:35 PST 2009

You should be able to specify your byte order of the local image, and
Xlib worry about swapping for you, as I remember; but there will still
be a copy/swap taking someplace.

Sorry the API is so horrid: I got interrupted in the middle of designing
it for a meeting 2500 miles away, and the XImage interfaces never got
                 Your dinosaur.
                    - Jim

On Wed, 2009-02-25 at 11:11 -0700, McDonald, Michael-p7438c wrote:
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> > Mike,
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> > How is your frame buffer connected to your little endian machine?
>   It's a shared memory area generated by a COTS software package. As
> such, we can't modify its byte-order. There may be multiple copies of
> this package running at the same time, each with its own "virtual
> framebuffer". We want to display all of these vfbs on a real display
> that's running X with the Intel driver. 
> Brute force copying the vfbs using XPutImage() is the only method we've
> come up with for displaying the vfbs. But that required us to make a
> copy of the source vfbs with the byte-order fixed. By setting the
> byte_order field of the _Ximage structure, we hope we can eliminate the
> intermediate copy of the vfbs.
> Mike McDonald
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