Ximage's byte_order field

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> You should be able to specify your byte order of the local image, and
> Xlib worry about swapping for you, as I remember; but there will still
> be a copy/swap taking someplace.

  Right, we agree that at least one copy and one swap has to be done.
We're just trying to avoid extra, unneeded copies.

> Sorry the API is so horrid: I got interrupted in the middle 
> of designing
> it for a meeting 2500 miles away, and the XImage interfaces never got
> repaired....
>                  Your dinosaur.
>                     - Jim

No problem. I was just trying to make sure you had intended the
byte_order field to be user accessable. Since the Ximage structure was
defined, I had assumed yes.

Even older dinosaur who froze his backside off every January attending
all of the X conferences.

Mike McDonald

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