Changing PS2 Keyboard Input

Simon Lees theleesy at
Mon Sep 15 06:23:17 PDT 2008

Simon Lees wrote:
> I recently purchased a logitech g15 keyboard which has left me with a 
> perfectly good PS2 keyboard to spare i thought rather then putting it 
> to waist it would be  good to make use of it. So what i plan to do is 
> write a adapter of some description or just modify the PS2 keyboard 
> drivers to send a completly different signal to a standard keyboard 
> then to modify the g15 drivers to pick up these extra signals as G 
> Keys essentially creating myself a macro keyboard.
> My current problem is working where the best place to modify the key 
> sends is and how best to do it. I have looked at using software such 
> as evrouter and can use that to modify my ps2 keyboard input and leave 
> the g15 alone however this only allows for 256 total inputs that from 
> what i could work out could only be mapped to existing keys which isnt 
> quite what i was after.
> Cheers in advance for your help and Suggestions

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