Keymap issues with Pointer+Keys device

Sascha Hlusiak saschahlusiak at
Mon Sep 15 10:59:16 PDT 2008


> > Should the driver rather create two devices, one for pointer and one for
> > keys?
> Creating two devices is the simplest and most effective solution for now.
Is there a _simple_ way to add two devices? Because with HAL it seems not 
possible to hotplug two drivers for one device, I implemented a way that the 
first device adds a second device (basically ripped this out of the old evdev 
driver, with the evdev-brain). While it really seems to work fine with MPX 
now, I still cannot sleep at nights. Please give it your blessing. 

Basically it's like this:
1) In PreInit of the official device:
- xf86AllocateInput, fill out a second device struct and save it for later.  
Duplicate the IDevPtr struct for that, otherwise pointers/optionlists are 
freed twice.

2) In DEVICE_INIT of official device:
 - Call xf86ActivateDevice for the slave device.
 - Set dev->inited = device_control(dev, DEVICE_INIT) manually.
 - Call xf86EnableDevice(dev);

3) In UnInit of official device:
 - Call xf86DisableDevice(dev, TRUE);
Here, "panic" set to TRUE doesn't seem so right but it's the only way I found 
to totally remove a device.

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