Senior project ideas

William Tracy afishionado at
Tue Sep 2 20:51:09 PDT 2008

Well, that actually generated a bit of email. :-)

I was aware of the Freedesktop to-do page; the last time I looked at
it, it struck me as slightly sparse. I just wanted to touch base with
the developers, and see what was currently at the top of people's wish

I should mention that my development machine right now is a Dell
laptop with Intel integrated graphics. Unless someone buys me some
hardware ;-) I'm not going to be much help with Nouveau right now. (I
*do* have a GeForce 4, but I no longer have a working motherboard to
go with it.)

I'm still looking at different possibilities, but going purely by what
is interesting to me, I'm now gravitating toward Cairo or Mesa (or
possibly XCB) rather than the Xorg core. That said, I'm going to have
to spend some time looking at the protocol dispatch code ajax brought

We'll see where this goes. :-)

Thanks, everybody.

William Tracy
afishionado at -- wtracy at

"We need a special holiday to honor the countless kind souls with
unsecured networks named 'linksys'."
 -- Randall Munroe

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