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Tue Sep 2 13:15:39 PDT 2008

On Tuesday 02 September 2008 07:20:38 am Clemens Eisserer wrote:
> > I am good at learning new technologies very fast .... I have a lot of
> > experience in C (and C++) ... am quite comfortable with system-level
> > programming on Unix ... have always been interested in Linux/Unix on the
> > desktop ... on't look very good as senior project ideas. ...This summer
> > my boss asked me to learn JSP, and by the next week I had put together a
> > massive custom tag library
> Well, so ... ohm ... yes ... good for you :P ;)
> Another idea would be to help driver projects, maybe implementing EXA
> on some chipsets that aren't supported or have only poor support,
> switching drivers to use GEM and adapt it to support more than just
> intel.
> > I don't want to barge in and dump a bunch of unwanted patches on you,
> Well, those patches would most likely not be unwanted. There are many
> long-standing issues and I guess you could make many guys quite happy
> fixing those :)
> Good luck, Clemens

Along the same lines the Nouveau driver needs a lot of work and there is an 
active team working on it.  But there are numerous areas where it could use 
work and much of the work would be new code not just fixing existing code.   I 
am sure you could find enough there for a senior project.  Some possible 
examples are NouveauFB, power saving, suspend or kernel Based mode setting.   
See for more details both in thier todo 
lists and thier feature matrix.

Also you might have a look at the XOrg Google Summer of Code project ideas 
list for more ideas.   Some 
of these may have already been GSoC projects but only a subset.

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