Senior project ideas

Colin Guthrie gmane at
Wed Sep 3 01:24:00 PDT 2008

William Tracy wrote:
> I should mention that my development machine right now is a Dell
> laptop with Intel integrated graphics.

A project that would definitely win you beer and chicks would be to get 
DRI working for virtual desktops > 2048x2048 on Intel i945GM chipsets. 
Perhaps this is what you have in your lappy?

I don't know the ins and outs of what's required but there are *lots* of 
people with these chips happily using compiz and other compositing 
system only to be depressed when they find out they cannot have funky 
dual head setups :(

I'm not sure how much work is involved in this tho' so don't know if 
it's a sufficiently large task for a senior project... Perhaps Keith 
Packard or some other Intel gurus can advise?



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