proper component hdtv output intel driver

noromamai noromamai at
Fri Mar 7 12:50:33 PST 2008

this doesn't really seem like the right place for my problem, but the website referred to here, so here goes:

for the past week i have been trying to get this new mini media pc to work, 
but am not having much luck. i am trying to get proper HDTV output from the 
component connectors in 720p.

using the following hardware:
Commell LV-679, it has integrated Intel graphics, it has the GM965 chipset 
using X3100 (it has VGA, LVDS, HDTV/SDTV and Dual DVI). it's connected to a 
Sony VPL-HS60 projector that's supposed to be able to go up to 1024x720 at 
when the BIOS is not set to use TV at boot, i can't even get any signal out 
of the box (i.e. can't use xrandr to turn on the TV-Out). when it is set to 
use at boot, xrandr reports the highest mode is 1024x768 at 30Hz. if i add 
"TV Format" "720p at 50Hz" in the xorg.conf file (i've read it's not used, but 
then again it sneakily is) xrandr reports it will only go up to 800x600.
If i set any modelines for monitor-TV, component out won't work and xrandr 
will report that TV has no modes.

Perhaps there is a simple answer like: the X3100 doesn't support 720p over 
component... or something like that. but if someone can give a bit of info on 
this, a nudge in the right direction, i'd appreciate it.

If there isn't a simple answer, let me know what more info is needed to solve 
this (that is, if this is the right place for my problem).


:: Saikou Tokuten ::

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