gnome keeps breaking my dual independent display - intel driver

Dan Naughton daniel.naughton at
Wed Mar 5 19:01:01 PST 2008

I'm not sure if this is the right place for this.  After a long time,
I got the dual independent displays running on this computer with the
dual DVI SDVO card.  Gnome starts fine from the gdm screen and gets
the two displays going side by side.  Here's the problem

Any application that runs in full screen (mostly games) changes the
monitors from dual independent to dual simultaneous (cloned) displays.
 The only was to get it back is to delete the ~/.gconf/desktop
directory and logout/login again.  Gnome seems to add this preference
file for the screen setup that overrides the xorg.conf file.   I've
added some read only ~/.gconf/desktop file to prevent gnome from
overwriting it, but the fullscreen apps still change the screen setup
during the session, and you still have to logout/login to get the
displays working again.

Is there some setting in gnome for "DontScrewWithMyXorgConfFileEver =
yes" or someway to lock the xorg.conf file.
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