iNexio touchscreen driver

Richard Lemon richard at
Thu Jun 19 19:31:50 PDT 2008

> Hi Richard,
> On Thu, Jun 19, 2008 at 04:42:03PM +1000, Richard Lemon wrote:
>> I have written an X input driver for the iNexio touchscreen, the
>> source can be found on
> Thanks for your efforts! A few comments:
> - It may be best to call the first version 0.1, rather than 1.0 :)
> - From the man page: "Specifies  the button emulated on a touch  
> event. The
>   value defaults to 1, the left mouse button, for a right click on  
> touch set
>   the value to 0." Throughout the rest of X, right click is  
> referred to as
>   Button 3.
> - There are _a lot_ of whitespace errors such as messed up  
> indendation, mixed
>   tabs and spaces, trailing whitespaces etc. While they are  
> admittedly purely
>   cosmetic, I encourage you to fix them (in vim, set "let  
> c_space_errors=1" in
>   your vimrc). Also, I think you have tabstop at 4, because the  
> code is really
>   hard to read with tabstop 8 (which I believe is the more common  
> setting).
> - please use C-style comments, /* */, rather than C++ style  
> comments, //
> - line 216, comment is wrong (button number option)
> - DeviceOn has variable declarations after commands.
> - there are still comments left from my "random input driver" example
> - the use of xf86memcpy rather than memcpy (and all other standard  
> functions)
>   is discouraged.
> This are the first few comments that I picked up from skimming  
> through the
> file. Considering the header file is barely 40 lines of meat, I'd  
> encourage
> you to just move the contents over to the .c file to keep things in  
> one place.
> (although this is just a matter of personal taste).
> If you address these comments, I'm happy to go throught he source  
> again and
> actually read it in more detail.
> btw. the attached patch makes the driver build against git master.
> Cheers,
>   Peter<0001-Cater-for-ABI_XINPUT_VERSION-3.patch>

Hi Peter,

I *think* I have made all of the changes you suggested and have  
pushed them up to the repository and thanks for your offer of  
reviewing the code.

I know there are still some comments from your random sample, if you  
think any of them are no longer appropriate I will happily remove them.

I have also added mob access to the git repository if you want you  
can push any changes anonymously to the mob branch of the repository.  
I am also happy to add you as a developer on the main branch.


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