iNexio touchscreen driver

Peter Hutterer peter at
Thu Jun 19 04:55:14 PDT 2008

Hi Richard,

On Thu, Jun 19, 2008 at 04:42:03PM +1000, Richard Lemon wrote:
> I have written an X input driver for the iNexio touchscreen, the  
> source can be found on

Thanks for your efforts! A few comments:

- It may be best to call the first version 0.1, rather than 1.0 :)
- From the man page: "Specifies  the button emulated on a touch event. The
  value defaults to 1, the left mouse button, for a right click on touch set
  the value to 0." Throughout the rest of X, right click is referred to as
  Button 3.
- There are _a lot_ of whitespace errors such as messed up indendation, mixed
  tabs and spaces, trailing whitespaces etc. While they are admittedly purely
  cosmetic, I encourage you to fix them (in vim, set "let c_space_errors=1" in
  your vimrc). Also, I think you have tabstop at 4, because the code is really
  hard to read with tabstop 8 (which I believe is the more common setting).
- please use C-style comments, /* */, rather than C++ style comments, //
- line 216, comment is wrong (button number option)
- DeviceOn has variable declarations after commands.
- there are still comments left from my "random input driver" example
- the use of xf86memcpy rather than memcpy (and all other standard functions)
  is discouraged.

This are the first few comments that I picked up from skimming through the
file. Considering the header file is barely 40 lines of meat, I'd encourage
you to just move the contents over to the .c file to keep things in one place.
(although this is just a matter of personal taste).

If you address these comments, I'm happy to go throught he source again and
actually read it in more detail.

btw. the attached patch makes the driver build against git master.
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