iNexio touchscreen driver

Peter Hutterer peter at
Sat Jun 21 04:16:09 PDT 2008

I had a look through the source and it looks fine to me. Much easier to read
than before, and i didn't spot anything obvious. The source is clean and
pretty straightforward, though I did notice a number of sections in comments
(mostly referring to a USB version). Can you comment on that?

> I *think* I have made all of the changes you suggested and have pushed them 
> up to the repository and thanks for your offer of reviewing the code.

For future commits, please try to split up commits into semantically dependent
chunks and commit them separately. This makes it easier to review the history
and find a certain change using git-log.
A commit of "fixed everything suggested" is a bit hard to understand without
looking at the source code. I would prefer multiple commits such as
"removed stale comments from tutorial driver"
"convert C++ style comments to C comments"
"indentation and whitespace fixes"

All these give some indication into what they changed and make it easier to
track the driver on a high-level basis. I'd event recommend that you revert
the last patch and apply the changes in separate chunks again. Of course, you
need to decide yourself whether you want to spend the time doing this :)

> I know there are still some comments from your random sample, if you think 
> any of them are no longer appropriate I will happily remove them.

The ones I didn't like were the ones that still referred to a "random" device.
>From what I saw, they are all gone now.

> I have also added mob access to the git repository if you want you can push 
> any changes anonymously to the mob branch of the repository. I am also 
> happy to add you as a developer on the main branch.

Thanks, but for now I'll just mail you patches if required.

Here is what I think should happen:
- you apply for a fdo account. how to do so is somewhere on the wiki, bonus
  points if you can find it yourself :)
- host the driver on your fdo account for a while, until we reach something
  that resembles a reasonably stable solution. It'd be great if we can find
  other users that test this driver and report back.
- after that time, we can decide on merging it into the standard distribution.

The reasoning for delaying it is simple: we already have a number of
unmaintained drivers in the tree that get little use (or bug reports anyway)
and I'd like to avoid adding one more. Delaying it for a while gives us a hint
on how many (potential) users there are out there.

With the modularisation of X.Org, it really doesn't matter much where the
actual repository is anyway.

On that note, I'd like to hear other's comments on this.


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