Memory leak in fedora 8 xorg server 1.3

Barry Scott barry.scott at
Wed Dec 24 04:01:42 PST 2008

Barry Scott wrote:
> I have found the leak.
> At line 202 in miext/cw/cw_ops.c we have:
Sorry this is not the leak. (I followed the wrong caller
of miRegionCreate).

The leak is coming from this call sequence:

#0  miRegionCreate (rect=0x0, size=0) at miregion.c:339
#1  0x0812ed4b in miRectsToRegion (nrects=1, prect=0x9622268, ctype=6) 
at miregion.c:1674
#2  0x081432ba in ProcShapeRectangles (client=0x962cdb0) at shape.c:358
#3  0x08150c3e in XaceCatchExtProc (client=0x962cdb0) at xace.c:299
#4  0x0808887a in Dispatch () at dispatch.c:457
#5  0x080705aa in main (argc=14, argv=0xbfb27904, envp=0x20108) at 

In frame 2 ProcShapeRectangles creates the region and stores it in
pWin->optional->boundingShape at line 364 via the dstRgn point arg to

363         case ShapeBounding:                         
364             destRgn = &pWin->optional->boundingShape;

Who is responsible for freeing up that region? The X client?

Am I right in thinking that I'm looking at a bug in a client causing 
this leak?


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