Memory leak in fedora 8 xorg server 1.3

Barry Scott barry.scott at
Wed Dec 24 01:55:26 PST 2008

Beso wrote:
> 2008/12/23 Barry Scott <barry.scott at>:
>> I have found the leak.
> isn't it simpler to update the xorg-server version?! 1.3 one is rather
> old and probably
I'm working on an embedded system which makes it a big problem to update 
the Xorg server.
> a memory leak bug would have been already discovered and fixed by now.
Also the bug appears to be in the source of 1.6 latest beta.

It is very hard to get the right set of conditions to cause this leak.
We have been shipping systems with this bug in them for months.
On 1000's of systems only 3 have been configured by users to provoke
this bug.


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