Xorg segfaults on XOpenDisplay multi thread

Matan Drori matan at graphtech.co.il
Tue Dec 23 05:35:52 PST 2008

Machine spec:
/SUSE Linux Enterprise Server/ 10 sp 2
xorg x11 6.9.0-50.58

I have a very simple test program that opens 4 threads and does
XOpenDisplay(opening 4 separate display objects).

i keep getting segfaults on different places in the function
seems like some kind timing problem that causes memory corruption.

before i start giving backtraces here any one seen this problem before?
I can re-produce when working on X in debug, but couldn't re-produce it
when used Electric Fence Malloc Debugger with my program (wanted to see
if memory check can find any overruns)

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