Problem in scrolling pages

Anoop anoop.chargotra at
Tue Dec 16 05:43:20 PST 2008

Hi List,
            I am not sure whether this is an appropriate place to ask
about a display issue on my Fedora 10 machine. If this is not related
to the list, my apologies.  I tried asking this on Fedora lists, but
couldn't get any reply.

My machine is:
Graphics Adapter: Intel 82845G
Monitor:               ViewSonic VE510s
Motherboard:        Intel D845GVSR

Prior to Fedora 10 (on fedora 9), it works perfect. After a recent
upgrade (Fedora 10), I could not find the GUI, though I could use
shell. I saw that there is no xorg.conf in /etc/X11. I tried running
'X -configure', which generated a file (
in /root. The log while running the command is at:
When I tried using this file I wasn't able to move my mouse pointer on
some occasions and on other GUI simply freezes. With some help from
Fedora list, and setting
'Option      "NoAccel"    "True"', it worked, but only to see, a very
very slow scrolling of pages in Firefox, Pidgin, Opera and GVIM.
Scrolling is dead slow and gives wavy effect. Wavy effect is also seen
in moving windows. All the other things works properly like moving of
mouse pointer, minimising and maximising windows.
I have kept the Xorg.0.log at:
I have also kept my old working xorg.conf at:

Hope that some one will help me in solving the problem


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