[newb] Will xorg still allow non-hal config?

Alan Cox alan at lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk
Mon Dec 1 05:27:49 PST 2008

> In case you've not noticed the so-called kernel console userspace is
> totally unable right now to turn standard vectorised fonts into
> bitmaps suiting a changing variety of hardware and encodings, and
> relies on manually pre-processed bitmap fonts precious few people
> maintain and adapt to environment changes.

Look I really don't give a hoot about your personal font politics, but
trying to bring in bogus technical arguments on the assumption that
writing a short bit of code to generate bitmap fonts is too hard for
people is a bit of a joke.

Your other assumptions are crap too. If people need to do the work then
the work will be done. Someone will take an hour to zap out the new
bitmap fonts and all will be done.

> The day it gains parity with xorg on this front

In the areas the matter it is far superior to X11. It renders consoles
faster, it renders on text only hardware, it renders font based VGA
consoles (ie most of them) outside of bitmap mode and it uses
comparatively tiny amounts of memory.

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