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On Tue, 22 Apr 2008 14:22:38 +0300 "Max Andruschenko" <maximus at>

> I know nothing about what 2d core has my processor, because there is nothing
> in the documentation. I can tell the only one, i use s3c6400 samsung arm
> processor. IPHONE's have such processors.

there are docs on he 6400 - i have read them myself. samsung even had them
public (for a while) but they vanished at one point. :) i can give you a
rundown of the 6400 myself and what it can do - in fact chances are i'll have
to look at an accelerated driver for it too some time in the future. maybe we
can work together.

> So it uses frame buffer to render ponts, lines, bitblt operations, alpha
> blending etc. Xorg doesn't have driver for this processor. Only frame buffer
> driver. But i need an acceleration. So for example i need to draw a line
> using my 2d graphics accelerator. I write into 2d accelerator's registers
> coordinates of start point, end point, color of the line and write to
> command register to start rendering. After this my 2d processor renders a
> line on a frame buffer. This is the algoritm my 2d graphics accelerator
> uses. And i need to implement it's functionality into xorg to have an
> acceleration. Could you help me with my problem? I'll be glad for any
> advices! Thanks.

lines are unlikely to be interesting on this, but fills, blits and for that
mater a large chunk (the useful bits) of xrender can be accelerated. xv yuv and
scaling as well.

2 ways to go here. xorg full + exa or kdrive + kaa - maybe patch kdrive to do
exa, but i think kaa should be sufficient with enough work.

anyway - want to know about the chip - ask. i'e dug into the docs. i can't
commit to writing code now - but in a month or so - maybe.

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