using hardware 2d graphics accelerator in xorg

Max Andruschenko maximus at
Tue Apr 22 04:22:38 PDT 2008

I know nothing about what 2d core has my processor, because there is nothing
in the documentation. I can tell the only one, i use s3c6400 samsung arm
processor. IPHONE's have such processors.
So it uses frame buffer to render ponts, lines, bitblt operations, alpha
blending etc. Xorg doesn't have driver for this processor. Only frame buffer
driver. But i need an acceleration. So for example i need to draw a line
using my 2d graphics accelerator. I write into 2d accelerator's registers
coordinates of start point, end point, color of the line and write to
command register to start rendering. After this my 2d processor renders a
line on a frame buffer. This is the algoritm my 2d graphics accelerator
uses. And i need to implement it's functionality into xorg to have an
acceleration. Could you help me with my problem? I'll be glad for any
advices! Thanks.

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