using hardware 2d graphics accelerator in xorg

Max Andruschenko maximus at
Tue Apr 22 07:14:31 PDT 2008

Dear Carsten Haitzler!

Thanks a lot for helping me.
You are right, i use kdrive, so i need to patch it or write an extension 
wich will use 2d accelerator linux driver's functions.

I've red Samsung's documentstion about 2d driver for s3c6400 and their 2D 
linux driver porting guide. But they have their own API and it is not good 
if to use gpe with xserver.
Actually i've got this driver for linux OS. Of course this driver has not 
only points/lines drawing, also it can make bitblt operations, alpha 
blending, rotation etc.

Anyway, thank you a lot.

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>> I know nothing about what 2d core has my processor, because there is 
>> nothing
>> in the documentation. I can tell the only one, i use s3c6400 samsung arm
>> processor. IPHONE's have such processors.
> there are docs on he 6400 - i have read them myself. samsung even had them
> public (for a while) but they vanished at one point. :) i can give you a
> rundown of the 6400 myself and what it can do - in fact chances are i'll 
> have
> to look at an accelerated driver for it too some time in the future. maybe 
> we
> can work together.
>> So it uses frame buffer to render ponts, lines, bitblt operations, alpha
>> blending etc. Xorg doesn't have driver for this processor. Only frame 
>> buffer
>> driver. But i need an acceleration. So for example i need to draw a line
>> using my 2d graphics accelerator. I write into 2d accelerator's registers
>> coordinates of start point, end point, color of the line and write to
>> command register to start rendering. After this my 2d processor renders a
>> line on a frame buffer. This is the algoritm my 2d graphics accelerator
>> uses. And i need to implement it's functionality into xorg to have an
>> acceleration. Could you help me with my problem? I'll be glad for any
>> advices! Thanks.
> lines are unlikely to be interesting on this, but fills, blits and for 
> that
> mater a large chunk (the useful bits) of xrender can be accelerated. xv 
> yuv and
> scaling as well.
> 2 ways to go here. xorg full + exa or kdrive + kaa - maybe patch kdrive to 
> do
> exa, but i think kaa should be sufficient with enough work.
> anyway - want to know about the chip - ask. i'e dug into the docs. i can't
> commit to writing code now - but in a month or so - maybe.
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