XGI and Xorg driver source for xgi cards

Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade pcpa at mandriva.com.br
Fri Apr 11 11:52:00 PDT 2008

Ian Romanick wrote:
> Ah, the Z7.  The Z7 is similar to the V3XE without the 3D engine.  It
> uses the xf86-video-xgi driver.  For some reason, I always forget about
> that chip.  That's probably because I'm mostly interested in 3D. :)
  Hope the documentation I have matches the card... I was asked
to try to improve performance for this driver, so it should have
the "command queue", and since it is only for 2d and afaik no
interrupts are used (or anything else that should be done in
kernel level), it could be something interesting to work on,
and done all inside the driver.

> |  After I sent the first email, I hacked xf86-video-xgixp and the xgi
> | kernel module to make it "recognize" the card I have. Apparently it
> They're completely different chips.  Z7 has to use xf86-video-xgi.

> | locks if using mmio, and the video ram detection seens buggy, but I
> | believe it's "batch buffer" is very similar to the one used by the card
> | you are using. Anyway, I will try a bit more, hopefully I can manage
> | to make it work... Btw I have reported in bugzilla that xgixp has
> | the unresolved symbols drmFenceDestroy.
> I fixed the drmFenceDestroy in GIT a couple days ago.
  Thanks. Usually I do a full build and update my scripts in
weekends. The bug report is 
but it still has the problem that xgi_misc.c doesn't include xgi_misc.h
and the prototype and definition of XGIPcieMemFree don't match, the
remaining is only "cosmetic" compile warning fixes.

> |  I agree that the start point should be the code in git, not the code
> | xgi provides, but it looks like that to be able to check for any 
> changes
> | since you last worked on it, I pretty much would need to remake all the
> | changes you already did (I am using indent with same options in both
> | trees to figure out the diffs...)
> The code that XGI released, that I started with, is in Freedesktop
> bugzilla.  It would probably be easier to diff against that.  Though, I
> seriously doubt that they've made any changes.  I'm actually surprised
> that they gave you code instead of just pointing you at the existing
> driver.  Weird.
  I did not know about the original sources in bugzilla, that helps a lot.
After running indent (with options that format it to very close to Xorg
standard, and default xedit mode :-) there is 8.6K "diff -u" of .c and .h
  It is based on Xorg version, but renamed to "xgiz".


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