XGI and Xorg driver source for xgi cards

Ian Romanick idr at us.ibm.com
Fri Apr 11 11:01:48 PDT 2008

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pcpa at mandriva.com.br wrote:
| Quoting Ian Romanick <idr at us.ibm.com>:
|> |  Recently I received a xgi card, the sources from xgi, and some
|> | documentation (3 pdf files).
|> Which card?  Is it one of the older XG40 / XG45 cards (Volari V3XE,
|> Volari V5, Volari V8, etc.) or is it one of the newer XP10 / XG47 cards
|> (Volari 8300)?  I only ask because the each use a different driver.  The
|> XG40 cards use xf86-video-xgi (which you mention below), and the XP10
|> cards use xf86-video-xgixp.
|  The card I have is a Volari Z7. I had it and some documentation
| for only a few days (usually I work with OEMs with Brasil team, but
| it is a France project, so I just got a card sent to me after I
| asked for one, but I think this is not the card used in the
| "final solution" ...)

Ah, the Z7.  The Z7 is similar to the V3XE without the 3D engine.  It
uses the xf86-video-xgi driver.  For some reason, I always forget about
that chip.  That's probably because I'm mostly interested in 3D. :)

|> |  While "studying" the code, I ended up starting to "redo" what
|> | Ian Romanick apparently did more then one year ago in
|> | xf86-driver-xgi (based on logs), i.e. I changed it to use only
|> | xgi_<foo>.h instead of a mix with <foo>.h, and did significant
|> | changes to use only one internal data structure or function from
|> | the different, and somehow coexisting implementations, etc.
|> |
|> |  I don't have any xgi contact, so I would like to know, most
|> | likely from Ian Romanick, what is the current state of the xgi
|> | driver.
|> I haven't touched xf86-video-xgi in a long time, and I don't have any
|> plans to pick it up again.  I'm trying to get xf86-video-xgixp in shape
|> because IBM is going to ship a system (Google "Bimini IBM") with a
|> Volari 8300.  If you intend to work on xf86-video-xgi, you should start
|> from the code in GIT, *not* the code that XGI provides.
|  After I sent the first email, I hacked xf86-video-xgixp and the xgi
| kernel module to make it "recognize" the card I have. Apparently it

They're completely different chips.  Z7 has to use xf86-video-xgi.

| locks if using mmio, and the video ram detection seens buggy, but I
| believe it's "batch buffer" is very similar to the one used by the card
| you are using. Anyway, I will try a bit more, hopefully I can manage
| to make it work... Btw I have reported in bugzilla that xgixp has
| the unresolved symbols drmFenceDestroy.

I fixed the drmFenceDestroy in GIT a couple days ago.

|  I agree that the start point should be the code in git, not the code
| xgi provides, but it looks like that to be able to check for any changes
| since you last worked on it, I pretty much would need to remake all the
| changes you already did (I am using indent with same options in both
| trees to figure out the diffs...)

The code that XGI released, that I started with, is in Freedesktop
bugzilla.  It would probably be easier to diff against that.  Though, I
seriously doubt that they've made any changes.  I'm actually surprised
that they gave you code instead of just pointing you at the existing
driver.  Weird.
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