synaptics driver MIT license approach

Colin Guthrie gmane at
Tue May 8 11:03:00 PDT 2007

Christoph Brill wrote:
> I just wanted to provide a quick overview about the current progress.
> Most of the major contributors accepted the new license. We haven't had
> a single person yet that did not accept the relicensing, too.
> Currentl 29 of 37 (about 78%) developers/contributors have accepted the
> license. The following persons did not respond yet:
> - Giorgio Bellussi
> - Jörg Bösner
> - Henry Davies (did not respond to earlier approaches either)
> - Matthias Ihmig
> - Rigot Michel
> - Justin Quek
> - Neil Brown
> - S. Lehner

Not wanting to be morbid or a harbinger of doom, but what would happen
if one of the above has passed away? Would that stop the relicense
attempt for e.g. 25 years (or however long copyright is these days/in
your territory of choice), or could you ask their executor of their
estate? Or do you just say, "sod it they're awa' the crow road so who
cares!!" and relicense anyway?!!!

Just some idle thoughts from an idle mind. I'd love to see synaptics
come under the Xorg wing.


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