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Thomas Dickey dickey at
Sat Mar 24 10:36:17 PDT 2007

                            Patch #225 - 2007/3/24

     * add useClipping resource to allow clipping to be disabled.
     * use   XftDrawSetClipRectangles  to  work  around  Xft  pixel-trash
       (report by Reuben Thomas).
     * add    configure    option   --enable-tcap-fkeys,   and   resource
       tcapFunctionKeys,   which  can  be  used  to  tell  xterm  to  use
       function-key  definitions  from the termcap (or terminfo) which it
       uses to set $TERM on startup.
     * add  resources altIsNotMeta and altSendsEscape to allow one to use
       Alt-keys  like  the  meta-key  even if they are bound to different
       keycodes (prompted by discussion with Daniel Jacobowitz).
     * revert a change from [229]patch #216 that unnecessarily made the
       meta  modifier override the eightBitInput resource if the alt- and
       meta-modifiers   happened   to  overlap  (report/patch  by  Daniel
     * correct  associated  font for active icon for colored text (broken
       in [230]patch #224).
     * correct ifdef's for Darwin (patch by Emanuele Giaquinta).
     * add  highlightTextColor  resource, and options -selfg, -selbg like
       xwsh (adapted from patch by Victor Vaile).
     * revise  find_closest_color()  function  to  address  concern about
       borrowing from Tcl/Tk (request by Dan McNichol).
     * add  "spawn-new-terminal"  action,  which  can  be assigned to key
       translation,  allowing  one to spawn a new copy of xterm using the
       current  process'  working directory (adapted from patch by Daniel
     * improve  select/paste  between UTF-8 and Latin1 xterms by adapting
       the  translations  from  [231]patch #185. Extend that to include
       Unicode fullwidth forms FF00-FF5E. Also modify select/paste of DEC
       line-drawing characters in Latin1 mode to use ASCII characters.
     * add  "Enable  Bell  Urgency"  to  VT Options menu, removed "Enable
       Margin Bell".
     * add  bellIsUrgent  resource to control whether the Urgency hint is
     * modify  to  set  Urgency  window manager hint on bell, reset it on
       Focus-In event (patch by Emanuele Giaquinta).
     * add   --disable-setgid   configure  option  (request  by  Miroslav
     * fix  a  possible  infinite loop in last change to dabbrev-expand()
       (patch by Emanuele Giaquinta).
     * modify  initialization  to set the pty erase value if the erase is
       set  in  the ttyModes resource. This overrides the ptyInitialErase
       setting (request by Lluis Batlle i Rossell).
     * add  initialFont resource to xterm widget, like tek-widget (Debian
     * amend change to boldMode from [232]patch #223 for Debian #347790.
       As  noted  in  Debian #412599, that made xterm no longer match the
       documented  behavior.  Add  new  resource  alwaysBoldMode to allow
       overriding  the comparison between normal/bold fonts when deciding
       whether to use overstriking to simulate bold fonts.
     * restore  background  color  in  ClearCurBackground(),  omitted  in
       changes for [233]patch #223 (report by Miroslav Lichvar).
     * correct  logic  for  repainting  double-width  TrueType characters
       (prompted by test-case for Novell #246573).
     * add  a  check  to  avoid  trying  to  repeat a multibyte character
       (report by Sami Farin).
     * modify  parameter  to  XftNameParse()  to select wide face-name as
       needed,  to  make  -fd  option  work (patch by Mike Fabian, Novell
     * correct  logic  for  mouse  highlight  tracking's  abort sequence,
       broken  in  a  restructuring  modification  from [234]patch #224
       (report by Thomas Wolff).
     * revert the simplification of blinking cursor, since that broke the
       xor'ing introduced in [235]patch #193 (report by Thomas Wolff).

Thomas E. Dickey
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