TV-out support ANYWHERE?

will nodenet at
Thu Mar 22 03:40:06 PDT 2007

> When booting with only the TV connected to the ch7312-based SDVO card,
> the boot messages do appear on the TV, and I can enter the BIOS and
> do stuff - but everything is black & white.

The CH7312 is a DVI output chip, so I don't think the TV out code will make
any difference in this case. I have this chip for DVI as well as SDVO TV out
via ch7021a, like yourself I have no DVI/HDMI input on my TV so I've not
really done much testing with it. I think the 7312 should be well supported
by the existing SDVO code although again I'm unsure how S-Video is
implemented in this instance.

I seem to remember that DVI may have some inbuilt support for S Video which
I think is what you are using. It's not unusual for S Video to show up as
black and white, I forget the reasons for this although it may be that there
is more than one S Video mode or way to connect perhaps someone on this list
has more details about this and can assist. Alternately perhaps you could
see if there is a way to connect composite video which should not have this

> (Which does not matter for the BIOS settings, but it definitely does,
> when I want to play back movies.)
> This is with the integrated 965G chipset of my motherboard.
>    Kristof


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