TV-out support ANYWHERE?

will nodenet at
Thu Mar 22 09:45:44 PDT 2007

> Hi,
> TV-Out works well for some Intel chipsets. I have a AOpen i915GMm-HFS
> which has integrated s-video output, and it works fine with my PAL
> TV. I can even enter BIOS using the TV. I guess you already have a
> mainboard, but if anyone else is reading this thread, this is a
> solution that works.  Note however that there is no hardware
> accelerated IDCT, so HD playback is not possible. For info on
> the card, see:

Although it's not currently merged the SDVO TV code I've been working on
allows more control than using the BIOS. For example it's now possible to
get a fully over scanned PAL image via RGB SCART, turn off the flick filter
and adjust the sharpness. The code was built and tested using the Aopen
board you mentioned.

Unfortunately in the UK HD is really only available from one provider using
their hardware / decryption / content. So having good quality SD playback
and proper connectivity with the other equipment was more useful. Currently
I just plug the htpc box in like a DVD player / set top box and it
automatically switches the RGB signal according to what else is switched on.
I only mention this as it seems a shame that no one else is able / wants to
use this facility.

> Cheers,
> //Anders
> > OK, so let's sum it up:
> >
> >   - Intel cards have a nice open driver, but TV-Out does not work yet.
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