TV-out support ANYWHERE?

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Thu Mar 22 01:13:01 PDT 2007

When booting with only the TV connected to the ch7312-based SDVO card,
the boot messages do appear on the TV, and I can enter the BIOS and
do stuff - but everything is black & white. 

(Which does not matter for the BIOS settings, but it definitely does,
when I want to play back movies.)

This is with the integrated 965G chipset of my motherboard.


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Tárgy: Re: TV-out support ANYWHERE?

TV-Out works well for some Intel chipsets. I have a AOpen i915GMm-HFS
which has integrated s-video output, and it works fine with my PAL
TV. I can even enter BIOS using the TV. I guess you already have a
mainboard, but if anyone else is reading this thread, this is a
solution that works.  Note however that there is no hardware
accelerated IDCT, so HD playback is not possible. For info on
the card, see:


> OK, so let's sum it up:
>   - Intel cards have a nice open driver, but TV-Out does not work yet.
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